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Should I Invest My IRA in Gold?

Gold, gold, gold. Commercials, websites, even a sign-twirling guy on the sidewalk are all talking about buying gold. When gold-selling parties are over-taking tupperware parties in popularity and Ed McMahon is on the TV again, even I can sense a trend. But is buying gold in my IRA a good idea? I decided to look around to decide for myself (it is a self-directed IRA, after all).

Most websites are on one side of gold investment (buy gold with us, we’re the best!) or the other (don’t buy gold, invest in X instead!), but I was able to find enough seemingly independent sources and at least independent facts to compile a couple lists. 

Reasons not to buy gold in my IRA:

Even though my cons outnumbered my pros, I decided to go ahead with a small gold investment, mostly because of the diversity argument. 

Now to decide on a form….