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Why Invest in Gold, the Facts

One question that’s asked by some that’s interested in gold as an investment is, why invest in gold? This question has many answers. One answer to this question is gold has hold wealth for six millennia. Gold can even hold wealth when the company or government that manufactured a coin or bar doesn’t exist anymore. This is another reason why gold is a good investment. Gold is not dependent on any company or government to maintain its worth unlike a stock or bond. A stock or a bond worth is usually dependent on the organization that issued it, in fact if a government or a company becomes bankrupt; a bond or a stock can become worthless overnight. Physical gold does not share this risk.

Gold’s low or no cost to maintain is another answer to the question; why invest in gold. The cost of holding the metal is practically nothing if an investor owns a safe. Other investments like real estate will usually involve other cost to maintain it, and for it to increase in value. Gold on the other hand may go up in value without additional cost. Another reason why gold has little or no cost to maintain is the fact that it does not tarnish or rust. In some cases when gold is lost for years at sea, when it is found, it still maintains its original color and shine.

A next answer to the question why invest in gold, is its ease of liquidation. Usually most places that sell physical gold will likely also buy it. An investor can usually know if he or she is getting a good price or not by knowing gold’s spot price. With the advent of the Internet an investor can easily know the spot price and also find a number of dealers that also buy from investors. As an investment gold has many properties that other investments mightn’t have. The answer to the question why invest in gold has a number of answers. With the information discussed here, an investor can discover some of the important answers to this timeless question.