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The Continued Demand For Gold – Should You Invest in Or Sell Your Gold?

This past February gold prices climbed up to a high price of $973.20 an ounce. One can only question, should I invest in gold? Gold has a long history of being man’s prized possession and item of great worth and value.

Originally found at the bottom of streams and rivers in its pure form, gold has always played a large part in human culture. Because it’s found all over the world and retains its natural beauty, man has always viewed gold as a symbol of wealth and fortune. Since it neither tarnishes or corrodes, gold is very easy to work with and has withstood through the ages.

In many ancient cultures gold is often associated with leadership, immortality, and the Gods. The very concept of money itself has been derived from the trading and coin making of gold. The first gold coins originated from the Lydian merchants in around 700 B.C. It continued to act as a source of trade and wealth during the age of the Greeks. It has been sought after since the ”Gold of Troy” in 2500 B.C. to the California Gold Rush in 1849. Even today, gold has great value and is sold, traded, and invested daily.

In the past decade, gold has raised in value by a whopping 200 percent. Investors have found this ancient metal to be a worthwhile and reliable commodity for investment. This is one reason to sell your gold — it is continually growing in worth, and building up in value. Whether you decide to keep and invest your gold, or sell it for a good price, gold is a valuable thing to possess.