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How to Buy Gold Low

If you plan to invest in gold, why pay full spot price plus a premium? You can actually buy gold low and reduce any risk of loss if the spot gold price does happen to fall.

Did you know that in 2008 there was over 1000 metric tons of gold bought below spot price? In fact, much of it was acquired at prices way below spot.

Every day there are people looking to sell gold jewelry and bullion bars and coins. The biggest challenge for those selling is where to get a fair price for their valuables. The reason for this is, most gold buying locations like pawn shops and coin dealers pay only a fraction of the true value.

This creates a huge opportunity for investors in gold. As an investor you can pay the seller more than they can receive from the usual gold buying companies and still acquire it below value. It creates a win-win situation for both. The seller gets more for their valuables and the investor gets their gold for less than spot price.

The process is rather easy. Simply get the word out by printing some business cards and placing an ad in the classifieds of your local penny saver or shopper guide. Mention in the ad that you buy for investment and for that reason you pay a higher price than other buyers.

Before you know it you will have sellers contacting you. Once you are contacted by a seller just set up a time and place to meet to look at their items.

You will need a few tools to help make an accurate offer. A gold tester should be used to be sure the item is authentic. This could be as sophisticated as an electronic tester or as simplistic as a acid test kit. You will also need a scale to determine the weight of the gold.

After you buy, you can keep the gold in its current form or trade it in for gold bullion. This can be done at any precious metals refinery.

This method of buying definitely gives the investor an edge because when you buy low you are reducing risk of loss. You are also creating the opportunity to increase your net worth when the gold price rises.

So why pay full price when you can buy gold low?