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7 Reasons Why You Should Do an IRA Rollover to a Roth

Are you frustrated with the losses you’ve incurred on your retirement investments or the low returns you have been getting? You’re not alone in your feelings. There are numerous investors who are tired of the minimal returns they are getting on their investments and the current economic situation we are in certainly isn’t helping anyone recuperate their losses. Recently, there have been many investors doing an IRA rollover to a Roth for its many benefits and opportunities for increased returns.

Here are 7 reasons why you should also consider rolling over to a Roth IRA.

1. The contributions you make to a traditional IRA may be tax-deductible but you will literally pay the price when you withdraw funds after retirement. An IRA rollover to a Roth is sensible because the tax structure of Roth IRAs is much more beneficial to investors. With a Roth IRA, contributions are not tax-deductible but your earnings and withdrawals are not taxed. If you think you will be a higher tax bracket when you retire, you are better off rolling over to a Roth IRA. Furthermore, the tax rates will most likely be higher when you retire so it’s better to pay taxes now than later.

2. Many people choose to do an IRA rollover to a Roth because it gives them a much wider array of investment options such as real estate, private equity, partnerships, oil and gas fields, and foreign currency, to name a few.

3. When you roll over from a traditional IRA to a Roth IRA, you have the option of self-directing your account. Self-directing your account is an excellent idea because it gives you complete control of your investments. Investment advisers from banks are notorious for charging exorbitant fees for their services and only giving you a portion of the profits. When you self-direct your account, you know what is happening with your investments at any given time so you never get the short end of the stick.

4. One of the biggest perks of rolling over to a Roth IRA from a traditional IRA is the fact that you can invest primarily in real estate. It used to be recommended to diversify your portfolio but with the current state of the economy, real estate investment is best because it offers high returns as well as stability.

5. If you do an IRA rollover to a Roth, you can make higher returns, guaranteed. In fact, there are companies out there that guarantee to double your returns or pay the difference.

6. Rolling over to a Roth IRA is free. You don’t get taxed and there are no conversion fees. Look for a company that can help you out with the paperwork and help you self-direct your account.

7. Socially responsible real estate investing is a very lucrative and fulfilling venture that you can get involved in if you do an IRA rollover to a Roth. There are companies out there that buy old homes in neglected urban areas, renovate them, and resell them at prices that working class families can afford. As a result the investors get higher returns while helping the less fortunate out at the same time.

Your next step?

Weigh your options carefully.

As you can see, there are many perks to doing an IRA rollover to a Roth.

Traditional IRAs simply don’t deliver the goods when it comes to high returns, flexibility, and benefits.

Self-directed IRAs invested in real estate can help you make the most out of your investments and achieve your long-term financial goals.

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