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Which is the Easiest Way to Invest in Gold?

The gold market offers several possibilities for anyone interested in acquiring gold. The only prerequisite is to have the cash and will required to invest.

One way to make your way into the market is the acquisition of jewelry. Specialists recommend buying rings, bracelets or necklaces, which can be easily preserved and sold if needed. The downside of it is that the price of jewelry sold on developed markets includes very high mark-up as a result of the expensive workforce used in the manufacturing process.

One way around this issue is acquiring the jewelry form the Asian markets, where the mark-up is considerably lower. One of the best Asian gold markets in this respect is Thailand, where jewelry and religious items can be acquired at excellent prices. However, the buyer must be aware that only 18karat gold can be taken out of the country, as the Thailand law forbids export of 23 karat gold.

Another very easy way to buy gold is to use the services of a company specialized in gold trading. Their services are available even over the Internet. Anyone with a credit card can do it after previously registering an account on the company’s website. This is one of the best methods available, as it offers several advantages: for one, the gold bullion sold are allocated gold, which means that as soon as one pays for it, the gold becomes the physical property of the buyer. The second advantage would be that a trading company has the know-how and logistics required to ensure the safety of the investment and protection against risks. Finally, gold trading companies may immediately transform the investment back into cash if the client needs it.

Another major and easy way to invest in gold is buying shares of gold mining companies or gold certificates. For mining operations, the value of the shares depends on the value of the exploited deposits and on the gold market price. If the gold price rises, profits of a gold mining company should rise and as a result the share price should rise. Gold certificates are certificates issued by investment funds operating on the gold market. Currently, there is only one government-backed gold certificate in the world.