Benchmark Mutual Fund Gold Benchmark Exchange Traded Scheme

If you are interested to make investment in gold yet you are worried about the safety then there is a wonderful opportunity for you. You can make investment in the gold schemes offered by large numbers of companies. Currently, the benchmark mutual fund is offering gold benchmark traded scheme and has grown immensely popular among the different kinds of investors.

The benchmark gold traded scheme is in fact the first gold exchange traded fund in India. It provides a return in accordance with the domestic price of gold by means of the physical gold. However, this scheme gives no assurance or any kind of guarantee that the objective would always be fulfilled. However, since this is a reliable scheme, it can be expected that the objectives can be attained and this in turn would benefit the investors.

The main objective of the Gold Benchmark Exchange Traded Scheme is to give returns to the investors. These returns go well with the returns that are provided by the domestic price of gold by means of the physical gold. This kind of fund is actually a non-equity exchange traded fund which is very much linked to that of gold.

The major benefit of investment in this kind of fund is that it is simple, convenient, economical, transparent and neutral. These benefits are definitely a great option for the investors to invest in such a scheme of the Benchmark India and in turn receive great returns on their investment. It is in fact particularly because of this reason that this scheme has become so very popular throughout the country.

If you log on to the website of the Benchmark Company, you would find all the details in relation to that of the fund. This would definitely make it easy for you to read, understand and consequently invest in the best scheme that you find. The minimum amount for investing in such a scheme is Rs 1000. Since the amount is not much, you can easily think of investing in such a scheme.