Gold Trends

The world is changing and so is the way we invest. Gold once considered a marginal investment worn mostly in jewelry and stored in Swiss banks is making a comeback and has become the primary investment asset for may individuals and institutions. Wealth protection and capital preservation have taken center stage and gold is shinning once more.

Many forget that for many years the primary system of exchange was in fact gold. Even when that system was replaced by using bank notes, those were fully backed by the precious metal. Now, as the world is perceived unstable both economically and geopolitically there are may seek to restore the old gold standard or some modification of it.

Gold is now is available in what many would have considered unthinkable a few years ago, Gold to go, from Germany has seen brisk demand for its Gold ATM machines that are being placed in Asia, Europe and Middle East.

The crisis in Greece and potential for further economic instability has sparked a new gold rush for those seeking wealth preservation and to maintain their status quo.

Anyone that has studied history is aware that fiat currencies have a life cycle of approximately 70 to 80 years when it dies its natural death and is replaced by a new regimen. Gold has no such cycle and has endured and outlasted all currencies, simply because of its scarcity and perceived value.

Investing in Gold and Silver is a good idea for wealth protection. But it should be noted aside from the obvious these precious metal bring the additional benefit of being a sound investments. Since 2000 Gold’s value has increased fourfold, where as the stock market is at the same value it was ten years ago.

The question then becomes, would you like to invest in an asset that affords both wealth protection and potentially great returns and is not affected by currency devaluations. Or would you like to get on the rollercoaster know as the stock market and not be sure what tomorrow brings. In addition, investment in other assets such as stocks not only must they go up for you to have a return, but the currency by which they denominated in must not depreciate in value in order for you to maintain your purchasing power.

It is becoming obvious around the world that individuals and institutions alike are voting their money to invest in Gold and Silver.