Things Your Stock Broker Won’t Tell You About Owning Gold

Gold is a very valuable asset, period. It tends to hold its value much better than other means of investing and can often provide a great asset to invest in even when there is nothing else out there that looks attractive to put your money into. Your stock broker will always tell you that the market will go back up, “Buy and hold” is the broker mantra.

What your broker won’t bother to tell you that that rise might take upwards of a decade or two to actually get back to where you are again earning money from your investment. As an example, the market took some 25 years to return to its original status after the crash in October of 1929. Do you really want to wait 25 years for a market recovery? If you need a more tangible, reliable method of investing, consider physical gold instead, because it can offer you more security, stability, and more value in the short term.

Stock market myths are very prevalent, because they are perpetuated by stock brokers who want to keep investors giving their money to them so that they actually have a job to go to every day. The concept that the stock market will rise again was only based on a false pretense that stocks change frequently and the DOW industrials had been shown to increase over a very long period of time. However, when a company quits growing or goes bankrupt, Wall Street will throw out that company that is part of the index and not doing well, and swap it with a hot new company. The stock market game is highly manipulative and well controlled by the powers-that-be who running the show. Remember, the DOW index is not based on your specific investments, it is just a measure of how the market is doing and can be manipulated.

The bottom line, which your stock broker will contest all the way to his grave, is that stocks don’t always recover. Many stocks crash and never recover, which causes them to fall off the map or more importantly the Dow index completely, leaving investors empty handed and wondering who they really can trust in tough time. Companies even pay their brokers bonuses as incentive to keep money in the accounts that investors hold. That’s why they won’t tell you exactly what you should know about the stock market. If they caution you against investing, they lose their income.

You may find the best rewards of investments in precious metals such as

whether your stock brokers will tell you or not. Gold and silver are some of the best investments that you’ll find anywhere, because they are high in value, used in numerous applications and industry and are more stable and secure than the stock market is now and possibly will ever be. Precious metals like gold work somewhat independently from the economic fluctuations such as inflation and bad economic times, which makes them a much better investment than paper stocks.