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How To Invest E-Gold Securely

Since the introduction of e-gold otherwise called Electronic gold, many internet users worldwide who had problems acquiring credit cards and other means of internet payments have heaved a sign of relief. For the first time, there is a true means of global payment that is so easy to use that credit cards suddenly seem to become archaic.

With the ease of use that came with e-gold also came the issue of acceptability. Today, e-gold is the biggest universally accepted means of online exchange for goods and services: a global legal tender. The greatest benefit of having e-gold is that it could be invested easily at any investment website. In fact, millions of internet users are already making thousands of dollars daily through investing their e-gold. For instance, some investment sites pay upwards of 500% of any invested e-gold for periods ranging from 1 to 30 days.

Don’t jump with excitement yet! There’s a snag: most investment websites are scam. They pay interest for a little while to attract unsuspecting investors then fold up and vanish into thin air with investors’ money. This is the greatest danger online investors of e-gold face. But does this mean there are no genuine websites one can invest e-gold? How would one know the real ones to invest in and the scammers? Read on.

Having been online for over 15 years and having been involved in virtually all online investment opportunities (the good, the bad and even the ugly), I have discovered a common thread all scam investment website possess: lack of any physical address! Virtually all. So, the major lesson you’d learn here is to check whether the website you want to invest your e-gold in has a PHYSICAL ADDRESS and or has affiliated websites that do. When you click on “contact us” on any investment website and all you see is a form or an email address asking you to fill the information, flee with your funds or you’d lose it to scammers! Even when a seemingly physical address is boldly written, ensure you search the internet to see whether the address is existing at all. Ensure too to put a call through to any phone number presented alongside the address. Finally, visit forums and search engines and ask questions. Probability is that many people have already been scammed by a particular site and the forum members are ready to share their experience first hand with you. But, be careful of the forum you visit because the operators of such scam websites may have visited such sites and posted good news about themselves even before you arrive.